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Crimson spotted rainbow fish - Zenscape Gardens

Native Fish in Ponds

If you have a fish pond or are contemplating building a new one, the use of local native fish is the eco-friendly option. They improve local biodiversity, control unwanted mosquito numbers, improve water quality and provide endless fascination to those who enjoy natural landscapes. Be sure to check local guidelines on collection from public waterways but many species such as the common Crimson-spotted rainbows, Pacific blue eyes, Purple-spotted and Fire tail gudgeons can be sourced from local aquarium suppliers. The main things to keep in mind to achieve balance in your pond habitat is maintaining good water quality by minimising chemical runoff, providing some hides for protection from predators such as birds, variable depth to 500mm to avoid temperature extremes, some aquatic vegetation for oxygenation of the water and not to overstock on setup. Too many mouths to feed can become a problem!

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